Saturday 8/15

iced coffee

slice of pizza
small salad

a little spinach tortellini and some chicken

After Target and a minor freakout with my car, I started my laundry and I headed to the new gym I wanted to check out.  This place is dreamy.  It is an all women’s gym with tons of equipment, cardio rooms, classes, and a to die for locker room with lotion, towels, hair dryers, all there.  They have a eucalyptus steam room and a huge whirlpool and a sauna.  The showers are private and have shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner for you.  It was amazing.  I want to work out there so bad, but idk if I can afford it.  I am meeting with the membership woman Monday at 1 to get a tour and find out about cost and shit.  Since I will be unemployed in a week I would love to be able to work out there.  If I can cut out some stuff and find a way, I think I will.  This place is amazing.  

Anyways I grabbed a slice and some salad after and headed home where I immediately had some tummy issues.  Not sure if it is from working out or the heat/humidity, or PMS, or the major anxiety I’ve had over the past 2 days…..  but it was like that all afternoon.  I ended up napping for a while since I was really feeling ill.   I feel okish now, but my head is bothering me as usual and I have like no meds left which is an issue.  <sigh>

At least I made it to the gym.  🙂


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