Food/exercise log 8/20

Today I had personal training.  I got weighed and had my body fat % measured (nearly half of me is fat awesome sauce!) Ugh.  And measurements were done.  Damn.  I don’t remember being this large even when I weighed 25 more pounds.  Ugh.  

Anyways I am supposed to do weight training 3-4 times per week and cardio interval training 4-5 times a week and regular cardio . . .and I am like when I am supposed to do it all and take classes I want to try?  Well I will have plenty of time on my hands after tomorrow when I am no longer working.  Granted I am going to go away for a few days, but still I will be able to work out plenty when I get home and all.

I soaked in the hot tub again but I’d kill for a massage.  My back is killing.

viviano smoothie
iced coffee

cereal bar

mc chicken sandwich (i have my period ok, TMI yes, but I wanted something fried)
small fries

swedish fish (I needed sugar!)

1/2 turkey sandwich


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