Exercise/Food log 8/22

Today I cleaned, vacuumed, and did laundry.  It is so hot and oppressive here, I can’t even think about the gym.  When it’s like this I feel so off, and my shoulder is still killing from the other day.  I got lidocaine patches yesterday and that helped last night.  It feels way better than the other day….

Also leaving my room causes me to sweat like a pig lol.  Just getting a snack, I was sweating my ass off.  Tomorrow, spinning.

I did go to Whole Foods this morning to get some food; enough until I go away and got plenty of fruit and protein and whatnot.  Shopping for good for you food, for just a few days is damned expensive.  

Hmmm.  My calorie subtotal before dinner is 1205, which is approximate b/c I don’t know the calories exactly of 1/2 a banana or 4 blackberries.  Anyways, yesterday my neuro said I should be eating 1000 calories or less a day to lose weight.  The personal trainer and my doctor said up to 1600 per day.  SO who is right?  When I was on Optifast, at 890 calories a day, I was hardly losing weight and I was running 3 miles 3-4 times per week.  I lost maybe 10 pounds in 3 months.  I hate that this is so hard. 

iced coffee (60)
protein shake made with whey protein packet (110 cals), 1 cup 1% milk (the skim was all about to expire 100 cals), 4 blackberries, and 1/2 banana (70)=280
Fage yogurt (180?)

chicken salad (300)
cereal bar (100)

snack:  (this was spread out over several hours)
hummus (100)
5 crackers (75)
frozen fruit bar (110)

( subtotal 1205)

lean cuisine (290)  it was gross ugh
total: 1495


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