food/exercise log for 8/28

Today I had personal training again.  She seriously kicked my ass.  I kept getting major leg cramps which was no fun at all.  I was completely worn out when it was over.  After I did the elliptical for 35ish mins (the first one kept shutting off so I finally moved) and then soaked in the hot tub which felt awesome- except on my sunburn from yesterday.

food log today

yougurt and flax cereal
iced coffee

turkey sandwich
sweet potato chips

chicken salad sandwich
brownie (omg I am a bad bad girl)



  1. causticchick
    29/08/2009 / 08:23

    Eat bananas to avoid leg cramps. Potassium = your friend. I have at least one a day, because I'm prone to getting them in my right calf.

  2. toocurvyagain
    29/08/2009 / 14:35

    I actually hate bananas but I have been putting them in protein shakes so I can get the potassium. Yesterday I was wearing the wrong shoes; I had grabbed my old sneakers out of habit and it was just a bad deal all around. I need to put those away and only use them for walking around outside or whatever. They have so much mileage in them, but they still look aweesome and I spent so much money on them, I don't want to get rid of them. I did just order a new pair of sneakers the womens version of the ones that House is wearing in the promo so I can swap off with my new running shoes. It is so great to have a roommate who works for New Balance b/c I get her discount. 🙂

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