food/exercise log 9/17/09

 I overslept today and had a horrible headache this morning.   My eating was off I feel like b/c I missed the morning LOL.  I didn’t count cals today; I may count points instead . . . I haven’t decided yet

Today I went to yoga and then pilates reformer.  Yoga was challenging enough that I felt like I got a workout.  It was hard to be the biggest person in the class (again).  It was hard to have to look at myself in the mirror.  I wonder if the mirrors are designed to make me look horrible?  I always sit in a position where I cannot really see myself in spinning, but in the yoga studio there was no choice; there were mirrored walls everywhere!  

Pilates was ok, I was tired and cold by then so I had a hard time focusing, especially toward the end when my stomach started growling.

bowl of cheerios at 6 am

iced coffee
protein shake

100 cal pack yogurt

snack between classes
clif bar

activia shake
pretzel chips and hummus snack pack
bowl of cheerios

I hope eating this much at dinner will keep me from being starving by midnight and whatnot.  I have been so hungry by then its hard to sleep!


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