food/exercise log 9/25-26/09 and week recap

 Oops!  Missed a few days again.   was visiting me so my schedule was a bit off at the end of this week.

exercise recap:
Monday: I can’t even remember what I did Monday lol; oh wait I went to the chiro, free mani, neuro and had a horrid headache
Tuesday:  cleaned the house.  was going to go spinning but had random low blood sugar episode and thought I was going to pass out!
Wednesday: cybex and body pump class
Thursday: facial, nap, quick clean and then picked up 
Friday:  shopping and fun w/ 
Saturday: work, nap, errands, cleaned up room

I have plans for next week to be better on the exercise front.  I’ve even put it in my calendar so I know I have to do it.  Although having some days off definitely helped my foot out.  It feels so much better since Monday when I had it adjusted.  

tomorrow: spinning and maybe softball if it isn’t raining
Monday:  I am babysitting all day but if I can get up early and get to body pump I will
Tuesday: spinning:
Wednesday: burn class or if I can’t take it I will find something else
Thursday: gravity class
Friday: still figuring out schedule


food log Friday:  
overslept for breakfast
breakfast/lunch was activia shake, egg white ommlette w/ veggies and toast
snack was small cup of frozen yogurt
dinner was 1 small piece of cornbread, sm. salad, salmon, potatoes, a bit of coleslaw
dessert was 1/2 cupcake and cup of ice cream

Saturday food log
breakfast: iced coffee, croissant
lunch: protein shake
snack: clif bar, a few crackers
while I was at Target I had a non fat pumpkin spice latte
dinner: protein shake, pretzels and hummus, licorice bits



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