food/exercise log 9/27/09

Today’s weight: 202.  *sigh*  However, I did do measurements and there has been some change or I did it wrong LOL.  I know I didn’t go to the gym as much this week, but I was hoping to see the scale go down since I am off the pill and another med now.  Maybe it needs more time.  IDK.  I wanted to lose 10 pounds by my birthday but that is in like 11 days so I doubt that will happen.  

                    September ’09         October ’09
Chest:            46.25"                           45"
Waist:            44.25"                           41"
Abdomen:      45.25"                           43" 
Hip:                 47"                              47"
Thigh:           23.25"                            24"           
bicep:               14                               13.5"      
calf                                                     14"

I had planned on going to spinning today, but when I woke up my back and head were killing and I wasn’t sure that I could even stand and move about never mind spin.  I got some coffee and moved around a bit and finally felt ok enough to go out and get some things done.  I went to Target to look for a juicer, and all they had were $100+ ones.  Uh no.  Then I went to go to Old Navy to make a return and found the mall was closed.  I then went to TJ Maxx to check for juicers and picked up a gift for my BFF since she is having a baby soon.

Then I went to the gym where I did the C25K week 1 day 3 run [32 mins, 2 miles] and then spent 30 mins on the elliptical.  My HRM said I burned 800 calories but that seems really really high.  I wonder if it is off or not?  Hmmmmm.

food log
iced coffee
protein shake

lean cuisine quesedilla
steamed veggies

1/2 pita bread
tiny tiny Starbucks ice cream cup



  1. taiga13
    28/09/2009 / 00:21

    (being nosy) Have you been losing weight and now stopped, or have you not been losing at all since you started your program?

  2. toocurvyagain
    28/09/2009 / 00:33

    I've gained 15 pounds since June. I have gained 5 of those since I started working out. I've fluctuated on any given day between 201 and 206 pounds never once steadily going down or going below 200.

  3. taiga13
    28/09/2009 / 03:56

    Wow. And you don't know why?
    I asked earlier because TaigaSis lost a lot of weight several years ago, and told me that towards the end she reached a plateau and just couldn't lose any more no matter how hard she worked out or dieted. Her Weight Watchers coach suggested she try eating MORE, and it worked. Her body was resisting losing those last 10 lbs. But that's not the case here. How discouraging for you, but you must have great muscles!

  4. toocurvyagain
    29/09/2009 / 04:13

    I am assuming it is b/c I went on the pill. The 2 coincide. IF not, I have no idea. I have been on and off so many different meds that could be messing me up as well. I also have PCOS which makes it hard to lose weight as it is.
    I lost 85 pounds earlier in the decade, not in the most healthful way, but I did it. I don't think I was on any meds except a multi vitamin and the pill (a different one). I also had a good job, was in a relationship, worked out all the time, and had people supporting me.
    Now I have chronic pain, no job, and not a lot of support in my real life, but plenty of support here online. I am not sure what it is with me now, but it has been really hard to lose anything for the past few years. Everyone tells me I am doing the right thing, with the occasional life slip up ( I mean life isn't worth living if you can't have an occasional dessert) so I keep plodding along.

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