food/exercise log 9/29/09

 Today I got a juicer and sort of began a juice fast.  But a friend of mine said I shouldn’t be exercising and doing the fast at the same time.  So now I am considering waiting until the weekend.  Considering I went to spinning tonight and right now I am STARVING it may be a good idea to wait until then… isn’t like the carrots are going to go bad by then nor the apples.

Spinning was great.  I burned 680 cals according to my HRM.  It was a hard class, but I kept up and I pushed myself when she encouraged us to add more resistance.  

ETA:  Dori at Dori’s Shiny Blog is doing a giveaway!  She is giving away  2  Core Fusion DVDs and 1 Physique 57 DVD.  Enter.  It’s easy.

ff vanilla latte
activia smoothie (needed to have it before it expired)

apple and carrot juice

protein shake

apple and carrot juice
steamed veggies

right now: a bowl of multigrain cheerios before I pass out from starvation



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