food/exercise log for 9/30/09

 I had a hard time sleeping last night and didn’t fall asleep until after 4am. I got up at 10,ran a few errands  and came home and chilled.  I had some lunch and  a nap and went to Burn class.  

From the Healthworks site (explaining Burn)
Join us on the treadmill or outside for a fun and effective workout designed to challenge all fitness levels. Enjoy the benefit of group personal training led by experienced, certified trainers. Heart rate monitors (provided) or personalized "zone" cards ensure the accuracy of training zones and calories burned. Enjoy upbeat music (please bring your own headphones) while you work between treadmill intervals and strength training circuits to enhance your routine and maximize your workout efficiency. The results are your reward.

I challenged myself as much as I could on the treadmill, running sprints faster than I ever have.  I have no idea about calories burned; I forgot my watch but did have the heart strap band, so I knew vaguely where my heart rate was.  I’d like to take the class again.  I need more money LOL.

protein smoothie
ff pumpkin spice latte

nuked sweet potato, pat of butter
3 slices deli turkey
protein smoothie


turkey sandwich w. 2% mozz. cheese
steamed veggies

pumpkin seeds



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