September wrap up and a look forward to October

I exercised 16/30 days this month.  Definately could have been better.  The number may be higher since I missed a few days logging here so it could be as high as 18 or 19.

I took new classes (pilates reformer, yoga, burn).  I’ve been spinning at least once a week.  I’ve been weight training.  I’ve been burning insane calories when I have been working out and I always feel good after.  Having a hot tub to soak in after is also key in motivating me to go.   It feels amazing and helps me relax and recover quicker IMO.

I hope this month is better workout wise.  My goal is to work out 5 days a week minimum, which would give me 25 days of working out.  I also hope to see the scale move DOWN not up.   My goal was to lose 10 pounds by my birthday which would have got me to 190.  Now I will settle for there not being a 2 at the front of the number.   The number has ranged from 203-206 this week.  🙁

I just want to be back where I was before the pill.  At one point I even got down to 189.  That seems like forever ago.  I really hope it is lower by the time I see the dr on the 16th.  I want to have SOME progress.  I know it can be done.  But even if I eat more or less or exactly right nothing seems to change.  

So juice fast this weekend to boost me and then perhaps starting to count points to make sure I am eating the right amount of calories and I find points easier to count than calorie counts of every morsel.  Especially since the things I eat the most frewuent I already know the point value.  

The good thing about having NO money is that I can’t just run out and get crap to eat when I have a craving.  It also means I can’t run out and get milk, fruit and veggies and yougurt when I need them.  This is going to be a hard month since it is the first month on just unemployment.


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