Food/Exercise log 10/10/09 and 10/11/09

Totally forgot to do this yesterday!  Saturday is my day off exercising, but I did clean and move furniture.  Today I was going to work out but I am fighting a cold and I was still sore from boot camp.  SO I really rested today.

Today was weigh in day.  198!  πŸ™‚  I am proud of me.  So down 2 pounds, and almost 10 down if you counted all I gained from before.

I am looking forward to working out tomorrow!

Saturday food log:

iced coffee
sesame bagel w/ a little butter (yes I know white carbs, but the wheat ones looked gross, and Sat. is my DD treat day)

Lean cuisine quesedilla
sweet potato

salmon, asparagus and a healthy veggie boxed steamed veggies w/ bulgur, carrots and peas
Friendly’s to go ice cream sundae cup  (I was craving an ice cream sundae all week, and I knew this was a way to have it without it being 800 calories)


Sunday food log:


protein shake with ff yogurt, strawberries and protein powder
12 grain english muffin with a dab of butter and ff ricotta

Luna bar and strawberries

Lean Cuisine quesedilla
sweet potato

and then I had a random sugar craving (stupid period) and ate a whole bag of swedish fish  πŸ™  bad Cindy

and now I am hungry and it is 1 am.  FAIL.



  1. sodiumbisulfite
    12/10/2009 / 14:43

    yay!! Congrats! You're doing SOOOO great! &hearts

  2. taiga13
    12/10/2009 / 14:59

    Snoopy and I are proud of you!

  3. cindy_lou_who8
    12/10/2009 / 17:07

    Thanks! Now if only I could get out of bed to go to the gym!

  4. cindy_lou_who8
    12/10/2009 / 17:08

    πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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