Food/Exercise log 10/14/09

 Today I cleaned for 2 hours instead of going to the gym.  When I woke up I had a killer headache and my legs felt like they were made of cement.  So clearly what I should be doing is moving furniture and boxes and cleaning and vacuuming.  

I moved the computer from the living room to the back room and the big table out of the living room and vacuumed up all the dust and cat hair that had accumulated.  I moved the couch away from the heater and then moved the desk out of my room into the living room where there is a corner.  And then I put the little tv and my old vcr in the living room in case I want to sit in there and watch a tape or dvd (I can move my dvd player easily).

Then in the back room I attempted to clean up as much of the disaster as possible in there, but it is like playing tetris with all the crap in there and whatnot.  I got the computer set up in there, and all my teaching materials consolidated as much as possible and packed away.  And then I vacuumed everything and whatnot.

I feel lazy that I didn’t go to the gym but the house is clean at least. LOL.  And I feel like I ate all day ugh

food log
english muffin
protein shake

lean cuisine quesedilla

non fat pumpkin spice latte
choc. chip cookie, bad bad bad Cindy

spaghetti squash
ground turkey and sauce
steamed veggies

granola bar and strawberries

and then I was hungry again and had a luna bar 🙁  food fail today, just hungry idk


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