Less I’ve been lax in my posting

 I’ve been really down on myself since the dr visit that wasn’t, so I haven’t been to the gym and I haven’t really been in the mood to think about anything actually.  I know I shouldn’t let a number on the scale dictate my life.  I do know that, but I have just been bummed out and depressed and I need to get out of this funk I’m in.  I have a gym plan for the week, and I am going to achieve it.  I know I can.  And hopefully, that will help get me out of this funk/depression/mess I’m in.  I’m also going to be setting up a few sessions with my trainer and have her kick my ass, hard!

This week’s weigh in at home: 200.5.  The past 2 days I know I have not been drinking enough water, it was also TOM, and I know I am still off from that.  There is also the side effects of the meds as well.  I also know I’ve been not the best on the food front, and I have no one to blame but myself this week.  I think that just being so unhappy is not helping matters overall.   And only I can change that.

And no more pumpkin spice latte’s!  Skinny Cinnamon Dolce all the way!  Thanks !

This week’s workout plan of attack:
-spinning 6:30

-possibility of winning training sessions at the gym
-6:30 yoga and or spinning?

-wear Healthworks tank and get a free focus session!
-4:30 body pump

-running or elliptical

-complimentary chair massage; 
5:30 pilates or spinning

today’s food log:  not very good.  I have got to do better.

I didn’t wake up until 1:30 pm so I missed breakfast since I slept soooo poorly last night.

bagel w/ butter 

Ceasar salad (I asked for a garden salad no dressing and I didn’t look in the bag until a few hrs after I got home)  *eyeroll*
turkey burger patty
2 small breadsticks that came with my salad



  1. causticchick
    19/10/2009 / 03:14

    Hey, know what else works at Starbucks? Instead of a latte, which is all milk, order an Americano Misto. It's got more espresso than a latte (a tall has two shots, grande has three), and it's half hot water and half steamed milk. Get it with sugar free cinnamon dolce, and you're set! Cutting the milk in half means half the calories, except the extra shot is 15 more. I'd rather have the caffeine than the milk anyways. 😉
    (Order it like this: Tall (or grande, depending what you usually get), sugar free cinnamon dolce, non fat, Americano Misto.)

  2. toocurvyagain
    19/10/2009 / 03:42

    I'm leaving this comment email on my Blackberry so I can go and order it just like that tomorrow. It sounds great!
    When I worked at Starbucks (which was for a very short time) I don't recall ever making an Americano or an Americano Misto. We weren't a full Starbucks, as we were inside a B&N, so maybe that is why……

  3. causticchick
    19/10/2009 / 03:49

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that an Americano Misto is actually less expensive than a latte, so there's the money savings there too!! WIN WIN!

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