Spinning today, kicked ass!!!!! 812 calories burned in 1:44.  (I started the hrm when I did stretching before class)   Average heart rate 135, max 179  And I feel awesome.  I am challenging myself more and more when she encourages us.  Because I know I can do it now.

Tomorrow I will find out if I become a blogger for my gym and I have an interview.  Go me!

none/ i was asleep

protein smoothie with 1% milk, froz strawberries, a splash of yogurt and steel cut oats, protein powder, I think I had a half banana in there but I cant remember.

cup of ff yogurt and granola
1/2 luna bar

Lean cuisine quesedilla
small shake w/ 1 cup of milk, a handful of strawberries, and protein powder
less than 1/4 cup of pumpkin seeds
Clif Z bar   ((Thanks Caitlin!))
and the rest of the Luna bar
small square of dark chocolate




  1. taiga13
    21/10/2009 / 01:25

    That's great! And being a blogger for your gym, that sounds good too.

  2. cindy_lou_who8
    21/10/2009 / 02:48

    I hope I get the gig b/c I get virtual money I can use at the gym for training and massages and stuff!

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