Food/Exercise log 10/20/09

 Today was another no exercise day.  FAIL.  I am going to have an interview Wed, in fact I got 3 calls for interviews today, and on my way to the gym from the chiro I had a huge panic attack and knew if I tried to workout I would vomit.  So I came home, took my meds, and a hot shower and tried to relax.  Tomorrow.  I swear.  Tomorrow.  

well I didn’t wake up until 1:20pm so . . . . .

protein shake (1 cup 1 % milk, protein powder, froz. strawberries)
Fage yogurt w/ honey

protein shake (1 cup 1 % milk, protein powder, froz. strawberries, 1/2 banana, cup of digestive yogurt, splash of oatmeal)  [I read about the addition of oatmeal on a new blog I am really enjoying.]cup of chobani yogurt w/ a cup of granola

Wow, what a lame meal plan for the day, huh?  I was so brain fuzzy and tired, in pain, and then anxious, I wasn’t even thinking . . . . .


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