Food/Exercise log 10/26/09

 Today was a sucky day.  I feel like crap, I didn’t sleep at ALL again, AND I may not have health insurance until December so I am stressed.

No gym, since no sleep and I can’t breathe.  I did vacuum and do laundry.  I may try some gentle yoga before I sleep.

muffin 360
coffee  260
total:    620

pumpkin/straw smoothie
1 cup milk 100
1 scoop pp 80
1/2 cup pumpkin 50
handful strw   30
total: 260  (left like 1/3 of it)
veggies 90 w/ handful of pumpkin seeds
total: 350

z bar 120 cal
yogurt 110 cal
total: 230

lean cuisine ques. 280 cal

total:1480  (not bad w/ crappy breakfast since I had no groceries until this afternoon)


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