Food/Exercise log 11/5/09

 Today was my niece’s bday so I was glad I was able to get out of work early and workout since I knew dinner would be pizza and cake….. my food intake has been crappy lately.  I haven’t been hungry at all and I have just been blah.  I think the vitamin D deficiency is rearing its head.  I’m just so tired.  Of course if I ate better….. well ALSO I have no food until tomorrow when mom buys me some grub so….. I will make sure I get good healthy choices and NO CRAP 

Gym:  35 mins elliptical – it killed me since I forgot my ipod; arms

small glazed donut
Tazo awake tea

Clif Z bar

granola and Fage yougurt

a few pieces of Halloween candy 🙁
1.5 slices pizza
ice cream cake (yum yum)


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