Well it looks like the 193 I saw last week was a fluke.  That and I am all PMSy so I could be retaining water.  IDK.  I know it wasn’t a great week exercise or food wise.  I would just like to not see 197 forever and ever and ever.  So I certainly hope that the scale will continue to move downward.

I signed up for the Maintain your weight challenge at my gym for a chance to win FREE personal training for a year.  NOW that would be awesome.  

I did Pilates on Saturday (my abs still hurt!) and 45 mins of spinning yesterday.

I know I need to start tracking what I eat again and stop with the extras I don’t need, like the macaroni in my salad at work or the extra cheese on my quesedilla.  

I need to make sure I workout 4-5 times a week and get plenty of water.  
I need to make sure I get plenty of rest even when I am working.
I need to workout even on days I work.
I need to stop eating Clif Z bars like they are going out of style.
I need to use less butter on my sweet potatoes.
I need to watch my excess soy lecthicin (sp) intake.
I need to take my meds responsibly.

I also signed up for Motivational Matchups and my partner is Kerry!  The girls did a great job with the match up.  We are both teachers, and the same height and about the same age!

I will be posting today’s food and exercise later.


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