Food/Exercise log 11/11/09

 Finally I got meds today, so hopefully I will be feeling better soon.  For some reason the headache just won’t shake.  It really sucks.  I want to do things but it just hurts so damned much even with the pills.  *sigh*  I really hope tomorrow I feel human again considering I have to work.  Going 2+ days without meds was awful.  The pain was incessant and made me feel horrid and I could hardly think or anything.  I woke up in the night thinking I was going to die.  I even put icy hot on my forehead I was at such a loss.

gingerbread latte and a croissant OMG what was I thinking

Lean cuisine quesedilla and 1 cup of rice

clif z bar

6 inch subway turkey
baked lays
clif z bar



  1. uriya22
    12/11/2009 / 02:46

    Как дела ужас

  2. taiga13
    12/11/2009 / 03:16

    I'm glad you got meds!

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