Food/Exercise log 11/19/09

Today I woke up and I felt SOOOOOO horrible. I felt like I was going to be ill. However I knew it was a half day so I dragged myself out of bed (late btw), got dressed, not realizing the jeans I was wearing were not my new ones and were WAY too big until I was at work. I stopped and got some ginger ale and drank that slowly and took several ativan to try to calm down. By 11 I was ok and had finally gotten hungry. It was a half day so I got to leave early and then go pick up my meds which ended up in major issues again and I was pissed but I got them.

Anyways. I came home and napped and then forced myself to go off to BodyPump and I felt WAY better that I did and I burned about 550 calories. Nice.

Food log: I have GOT to go to the grocery store!

ginger ale

clif z bar
Stacy’s pita chips

bagel w/ cream cheese (lf strawberry)

2 clif z bars


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