Food/Exercise log 11/23/09

I finally got to the gym today despite the fact my head was splitting. I didn’t want to go, but I was still out after the chiro and figured I may as well. I went to kickboxing and stayed for the power abs 15 minute class after. I burned almost 700 calories. The workout kicked my ass. I was sweating my ass off and by the end my legs felt like lead weights. I was so burnt. I don’t feel like that after an hour of spinning LOL. It was a great workout though and combined weight training along with the intense cardio. My heart rate was fairly high the entire time between 150-180 which is on the high side but I felt otherwise ok.

I wasn’t even going to shower there but I knew I needed to soak in the hot tub and I was able to borrow a towel at the gym (flirting will get you everywhere) and soak and shower. Of course it meant I had to put my work clothes back on commando, but oh well LOL I was just going home.

food log (still not great, still haven’t shopped)

breakfast: (I was starving)

Stacy’s pita chips
Clif Z bar

salad with macaroni

clif z bar

leftover rice and lentil soup
clif bar


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