Food/Exercise log 12/4/09

Today was a crap day. I have a cold. I didn’t sleep well again. Stupid Rascal kept waking me up, knocking shit over and what ever else. I worked, came home for a snack, and was going to go to the gym after I got some cold meds in me. I ended up not moving from my bed and just snacked and watched tv. Ugh. I need to get out of this funk and get my ass in gear to the gym, cold or not. I need to stop eating random crap in general. I need to get back on track. I really need to. I can do it, I need to do it. Tomorrow needs to be a better day.

food log, omg awful, awful awful

clif bar
gingerbread latte

clif z bar

leftover chicken in a pot- there was hardly much left
sun chips
3 small choc. chip cookies

weight watcher bagel and cream cheese
an entire sleeve of crackers and butter omg i am a pig

leftover chicken in a pot – hardly any left, and now it is all gone
lowfat poptart


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