Food/Exercise log 12/10/09

Today was a crappy day. I woke up with a headache, sore throat, and a stuffy nose. I can’t seem to shake this cold. I was also starving so I had some OJ on my way to work and got some lozenges. I’m doing ok now, but my legs were also really sore and I was very stiff today and I just didn’t get to the gym and I am ok with that. Running really did me in yesterday. I need to make sure that I keep up with it and not do it once a month. I hope I can shake this cold.

My food intake was crap today. I was hungry and just had a crap day calorie wise. Needless to say I didn’t track my points. It wasn’t so awful so I probably didn’t use a lot of the extra ones you get. I just was disappointed in my choices since I don’t have many choices. Tomorrow will be better. I also need to go grocery shopping again. I spent like $80 dollars last week and I have no idea where the food went. I bought cat food and tampons that day too and that added like $15 to the bill. I want to get more chicken and make another chicken in a pot since it was so good and healthy as well.

I only have $60 until I get paid Tuesday and I need to pay for tolls and parking Saturday and I am going to a Christmas party Saturday night and I will need money for that since it is more like an outing than a party so maybe I will just drink water or soda and not eat; have a late lunch and all. Which will be awkward and while everyone knows I never have money I don’t need to advertise how pathetic I am to my friends. One of them is always good to me and pays for me when we are out and I always feel like such a shit b/c I can’t do anything to thank her other than to thank her profusely. Anyways……

small latte lite

school lunch of chicken nuggets and a few fries. I should have had a salad, it was gross.
clif z bar

clif z bar
small piece of organic licorice

rice and corn
piece of bread


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