Food/Exercise log 12/11/09

Today was an okish day. I worked, but they had nothing for me to do until 12:15 so I sat and read all morning. And then I came home and slept. For 5 hours. I meant to rest for a few, but not THAT LONG! I wanted to go to Pilates. Obviously my body needed the rest.

As much as I hate to get up early, I think I am going to have to start to do so and work out in the mornings. I hate it. But I can’t keep not working out b/c I am too tired when the day is over, and this way if I want to come home and nap, I can. I just need to go to bed earlier, which sucks, but I need to take care of myself and this may be the way. I will do a test run Monday and see if it is even feasible. I might not have enough time, but I’m going to try. I won’t do it on days I don’t work, so Tuesday night’s I can go spinning. And in 11 days I will be on Christmas break anyways and I can workout when I want to!

I have like no food so when I woke up from my 5 hour nap I didn’t want to cook or have another microwave meal so I just had a piece of bread and some clementines. Makes up from yesterday’s too much food.

food log:
clif bar- 4
skinny latte- 2

clif z bar- 2

clementines -1
lean cuisine quesedilla 5

2 clif z bars- 4

1 slice of bread -2
2 clementines- 1

total points: 22


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