Food/Exercise log 12/16/09

Today was a meh day. I was very sore from BodyPump last night. My right calf is KILLING and I didn’t sleep well at all. I woke up every hour on the half hour to pee. I also didn’t get to sleep until around 12:30, which is a good 2 hours too late.

I was too tired and sore for the gym, not to mention I was feeling like crap. I felt like I had a fever all morning. I know that room is hot, but it made me so uncomfortable. I wasn’t flushed, nor was the skin on my body hot. It was just my face and neck. It was annoying b/c it made me feel icky. That and with my right calf killing from last night’s BodyPump, I had a hard time going up three flights of stairs several times today. I drank plenty of water and by time time lunch came I wasn’t really hungry so I just had my yogurt.

On the way home I stopped at Whole Foods for a few things; looking for better flavors of clif bars mostly. I got a brownie (I am SO BAD) and clif bars, sweet potato fries, soup, chili, and yogurt. I need to go to the regular grocery store for Lean Cuisines and frozen veggies and see if clememtines are on sale. Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym and grocery store (that may be put of since Friday I am going to see my bff).

Food log:
breakfast: blueberry muffin
skinny latte

snack: clif z bar

stacy’s pita chips
fat free yogurt

brownie from whole foods (so bad but sooooooo nom nom nom good)

sunflower and pumpkin seed granola (I am always looking for granola that doesn’t have nuts or soy in this and this had pumpkin and sunflower seeds which I LOVE. It was on sale, and even though it was a small bad I figured I’d give it a try. It did not disappoint.)
Chobani Greek yogurt


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