Still trying to make this right

I’m still trying and struggling.  I have lost 20 pounds since August, which is great.  I need to get focused and stop eating crap with no value in it.  I need to try harder.  I know I do.  I have been working so much and when I get home I cant get motivated to do a thing.  

So this week I am going to try to work out more and eat better.  I’m going to make sure I eat fruits and veggies and less processed foods and try green monster smoothies. 

Knowing you can do something and choosing to do it are such different things. 



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  1. taiga13
    28/03/2010 / 03:42

    Indeed they are! But losing 20 lbs is terrific. The next time you're at your gym pick up 20 lbs worth of weights. That's how much weight you've lost.

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