Another good day

Good food wise.  Great spinning class, other than I managed to twist my ankle somehow during it.  [???]

Burned almost 600 calories during class.  I am tired and my legs are sore.  But it’s good.

What sucks is my shoulder is killing.  Stupid breasts and gravity. 

I definitely need to call and make an appt. with that plastic surgeon team that’s been recommended to me.  It’s time to take charge of this, and finally do something about this.  I’ve wanted to do this for years, so now that I have a recommendation as to who/where to go, I can get started.



  1. taiga13
    22/04/2010 / 01:28

    Plastic surgeon team?? (is nosy)

  2. cindy_lou_who8
    22/04/2010 / 01:34

    Yes. I want a breast reduction. Some colleagues have directed me to a practice that has done some great work. The surgeon I would want I guess, is retiring in a month or so, so I guess I would need to check out the team he is on…

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