later day 4 . . . and day 5

Day 4: ctd . . ..

Steph was really tired so she crashed.  I went down and got the wi-fi to work, checked some emails and then came back to the room, showered and got things organized for Tuesday.  Hand washed undies (which you all needed to know clearly). Slept.  Ahhhhh.

Day 5: 21/9/2010 (TODAY)

Woke up at 6:45 which is funny, b/c that is usually when I woke up when I was home automagically.  Strange that.  Woke Steph to see if she wanted to sleep longer.  Got dressed and ready for the day.  Had toast in hostel and then stopped at Cafe Nero on way to uni.  No class for me today, but it gave me a chance to use the computers, check book prices, etc.

Had flat viewing at 12:30.   A bit of a walk as we got  a bit lost but we were on time.  We both like it and would like to be able to get it.  I spoke with the people on the phone just now and was told that as we have no guarantors here in the UK we need to put down 6 months in advance.  AUGH.  Why is this so difficult?  I am not sure if we will have that kind of money given to us when we get our checks cut.  Granted we each would pay half of the fee, but it is a lot of money upfront.  I do understand why they do this, however, will it be like this at all places, b/c if it is this could be quite an issue.

I am hoping we have time to head to the rental office this afternoon and get all our questions answered.

I’m kind of hungry so I think I am going to find a snack and whatnot.



  1. Tex
    21/09/2010 / 15:44

    SO very excited for you in this adventure you are taking!!! I'm secretly jealous! Wonder how much a trip would cost for vacation over there? 🙂

  2. abostongirlinglasgow
    02/10/2010 / 13:43

    I got a deal for flying one way since I am a student. I think if you get good deals it can be reasonable since at this time of year it isn't a "vacation destination."

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