Welcome to Glasgow: Days 1-4

Here is an account of my first few days here in Glasgow.

Day 1: 17/9/2010

Up at 5ish and had very unemotional goodbye with dad.  Headed out w/ mom and sis and stopped for my last DD pumpkin swirl coffee.  Sob.  Was able to keep it together when saying goodbye and headed in to Logan.

Checked in and checked big bag.  Sat around and waited and finally realized I had to still go through security.  I am SO stupid sometimes.  So I went through and then waited some more.  Finally the flight boarded.  Nothing major.  Sort of was dazed out as it was early.

The flight took off and was uneventful.  Hit some turbulence when they served breakfast and my tiny tea cup had a mouthful total.  🙁

The rest of the flight to Heathrow was uneventful.  I dozed.  When I sort of woke up, they were giving out boxed lunches even though we were landing in 40 minutes.  I must have missed when they asked about what we wanted- I ended up with a ham sandwich and just picked out the ham.  The best part of lunch; the kit kat.  🙂

Transferred in London.  Bought an adaptor for my laptop and used the bathroom.  Not enough time to do anything else after customs and their over examination of my passport.  If I had any more documentation I’d have given it to them- but everything went FOR MY VISA!  I was starving and I was glad they gave us cheese nibbles on the flight.

Arrived and cabbed it to the hostel.  Passed out @ appx midnight.

Day 2: 18/9/2010

Woke up around 7ish and showered and dressed.  Checked out free breakfast and wasn’t impressed and decided to walk about.  I made my way to the subway the very long way (had I looked out  a window I would have seen the subway station sign right behind the hostel practically) and got off at Buchanan St. since I already knew that is where the shopping was and that there would definitely be food/coffee options there.   Breaky was Starbucks and wi-fi.

Walked around Buchanan St and St. Enoch for hours and then headed to uni.  OMG HILL.  I got totally lost and must have walked around for 2 hours trying to find the building I needed to be at.  Found out I had class that day too.  Oops.  I missed all but an hour.  Got tentative schedule.

Headed back, dinner at Subway.  Had a drink at the bar and tried to use wi-fi.  FAIL.  Chatted w/ German and French people in hostel room.  Slept early but woke several times.  Could hear it pouring down outside.  Had very strange dream with Jeremy Clarkson. WTF?!

Day 3: 19/9/2010

Up v. early to meet Stephanie at airport.  Failed to find bus and trains don’t run until 9 on Sunday.  Was running out of time so cabbed it once again.  I found her right away and we found the shuttle bus and headed to hostel.  They had room for her in my room 🙂 and they stored her bags since it was early for check in.

Headed out to shops/Starbucks (the barista from the day before remembered me LOL) and to get mobile to share while we look for flats.

Walked around.  Got 50p tights at Primark!  (This after I had a fit trying to find tights before I left, and I find mega cheap ones right away.  Of course)  While at HMV found every DVD I could ever want.  All of the Catherine Tate show, etc and then I gasped LOUDLY.  I found Blake’s 7 on DVD.  🙂

It stays lighter here longer.  I can still see the River from my room at 19:35.

Checked out £1 stores, got more biscuits (still cannot believe they are like 70p when I was paying like $6 USD for them!) Went to Marks and Spencer and got special meal deal.  Very fancy chicken, potatoes, dessert and wine for £10 total!

Came back and ate.  Steph checked in and I tried to get organized.  Went to bar and had SLOW wi-fi, watched whatever footy was on telly.  Very tired.  Steph is asleep since she was up for 30+ hours.  Emailed L and my sister and dad.  Sent pic of “The TARDIS.”

Day 4: 20/9/2010

Steph woke me up late and said she was going out, so of course I “mom” worried about her all night since she didn’t come back in until 5 am.  She went out and met people and had a good time.  I was just glad she was ok.

Got up and got ready for uni.  Headed to uni but registration wasn’t open for a bit so we went in and found a place to have a coffee and tried to get online.  Registration and $ to come I hope!

Later that day:

I went to my first class while Steph went to check out a flat.  My professor was funny and mentioned jelly babies several times.  LOL.  I got back and waited for Steph.  She said the flat was nice and can be held with a £150 deposit, which is good.  Bad, is that there was a lot of interest in it and it wasn’t available until 1/10.  Going out tonight to meet new friend of Steph and have a drink.  All I want is this headache to go away and to sleep.


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