Tues, Wed, Thurs of week 1 adventures

I’ve been so busy over the past days that Tue and Wed are going to be a quick  list for each day.

Tuesday: Day 5 21/09/2010

uni, library, checked out flat- walked all over east overshoe, found out about issues going through agencies and how this one wanted 6 months upfront which was nothing either of us had read or had cautioned us on. We were told maybe 2 months, and other international students had not even heard of this and one of my professors said it was basically bullshit when I told him on Wed. Had Indian takeout.

Wednesday: Day 6 22/09/2010

breakfast, library, contacted a million flats, found out I was overdrawn on my US account, lunch at uni, found out my unemployment was ended b/c I hadn’t had any partial earnings. It is called UNEMPLOYMENT. I needed that money too. More library, first Youth and Young adulthood class which was me, the professor, and another student. We are going to meet in his office and have coffee each week. Rad. Have to write 4000 word paper. Not so rad. Exhausted and drained. Chippy for dinner. So bad, but oh so tasty. Fish and chips om nom nom nom

Thursday: Day 7 23/09/2010

My body forgets frequently that I had surgery less than 2 months ago, and that I am not as young as I used to be. I have been reminded of that a lot this week in all of the walking and hill climbing and lugging a bag around that I shouldn’t be doing. (must get backpack when have money) (also must join gym and see a chiropractor) I also forget to see the forest despite the trees. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the stress and drama of the past weeks and miss out on what is right in front of me, which is not what I want to do. But there are nights, like tonight where I have to stop myself from overdoing it, or I am going to crash and burn before I have all my reading done for next week. But I am in the UK, I’ve done it. Where I’ve always wanted to come. Here I am. I need to remember that. And once I can sit in our flat and watch the BBC at the end of the day, I will certainly feel better. Today we got up a little later. I let Steph sleep later and then we went to breakfast and to uni library. I found that a flat I really like is still available and I hope we can go see it tomorrow (tentative for 2 pm). Otherwise maybe we can see others tomorrow. We don’t have class tomorrow, but I do need to go there to get my bank letter and I PRAY my check. I did get some reading done and then we went to lunch and then walked to inquire about banking. We stopped to have tea and shortbread (Steph had cappucino.) Then we headed back via a cute shop that had artsy things and a dog and a replica phone box TARDIS we put Plushe Ten in.

More library and found my class was cancelled so we decided to leave the library so we could go to Buchanan St b/c Steph needed ink for her pen. I found a cheap shop and got a BIG bag for 2 quid to put the laundry and extra things I don’t want to have to repack. Steph found a Classic Doctor Who wallet and we ridiculed Matt Smith. (sometimes it is just too easy) And we found lots of stuff we wanted- like Simm!Master- but not Spitty!Rasillon. I even found a classic kind of lunchbox with Edward Cullen for my sister. I can imagine the shipping cost for that!

Then we walked back and rested for a few and Steph wanted to check out a Gaelic society meeting on campus. I changed and we headed out. We found it was a bit different than we expected, so we left and went to check our emails and then wandered around until we settled on Chopstix for dinner. We came back and sat in the quiet lounge area for some time internetting until the rowdy boys showed up again and it wasnt quiet anymore so I came back up so I could put things away and have some quiet time and Steph went down to the bar. We have to check out of this room at 11 and then can check back into a different one for 3. We opted to pay the few extra pounds to have some privacy and have a private room.

I really hope this flat works out b/c living out of a hostel is a pain in the ass and the bed sucks and the towels suck and the water pressure is non existent. And there are no paper towels. I know I complain here, but the comforts of home are missed right now, like having a laundry machine, or the room in the shower to shave my legs. I really need to find out how to post a letter home. I know a 6 year old who misses her auntie. *wibble*

So weekend plans? Find a flat, do laundry, do readings, go to a club, get a good night’s sleep, and be prepared for class Monday at 5.



  1. Amy
    25/09/2010 / 12:47

    Question! And this may be silly! But, I have noticed you spelling things the "English" way. Since your professors know you are from the States, do you have to sort of conform to their spelling, or is it acceptable to spell things like they do over here???!!!

    (Not meant to be offensive, just SO curious!!)

    🙂 Glad you're having fun! Good luck on the flat search!

  2. abostongirlinglasgow
    02/10/2010 / 13:42

    I have always spelled that way especially in my LJ writing or personal writing. I think that they accept it either way but it never occurred to me since I already spell that way normally. It is a good question 🙂

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