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Sorry I haven’t posted an update- no internet at home until 12/10!!!!!

Week 2 in Scotland

27/9 Monday: class where I was called a show off in regards to baseball

28/9 Tuesday: no class, went to library, looked at flat, found out we got the flat, went shopping for sheets and towels and a duvet. Packed up room, got rid of a suitcase, and random crap.

29/9 Wednesday: Moving day!  Of course it started pouring as soon as we brought all of our crap downstairs.  Cabbed it to new place.  Organized a few things, jumped in shower, ran to  class.  When I got home I found Steph had done a ton of laundry and made me dinner.  xxxxxx 🙂

30/9 Thursday: Errands and headed to Freshers fest.  There was a really long queue which sucked but we did get free goody bags with random things in it.  It was really loud and hot inside and it was starting to get to me.  We left there and went to get pilows, but still did not find hangers.  We came back and I took a nap before class, but I was so worn out and anxiety ridden from the past few days, not to mention sore, I ended up just sleeping until after 7, but I felt SO much better after.  I have to remember I can’t treat my body like crap and I need to make sure I get enough rest.  I am still healing from surgery and I know I am doing more than I should especially when it comes to what I am carrying.

1/10 Friday: No class.  Went to Uni to drop off NHS paperwork and register w/ a GP.  I needed a script refilled that day and they were able to accommodate me by fitting me in at 3.  We had lunch at the local pub, Curler’s.  It was good.  She had duck and I had falafel.  Steph had to go back to the flat b/c the boiler people were coming to look at it from 1-5.  I hung out at the library and internetted and then went to my very quick appt.   I got my script and then we headed to St. Enoch to get a digi box and DVD player and also to look for hangers.

We got the digi box and DVD player. (we found when we got home that the DVD player was broken and we needed an antenna cable for the digi box so no tv that night 🙁  )

We walked around St. Enoch and got Body Shop shampoo, shower gel, and massage oil since they were on sale and we were able to get a 20% discount.

We ran into Virgin media guy and he said that the install date for internet is still the 12th.  🙁

We made a snack stop at Starbucks for coffee and internet and then we stopped at the Townhouse dollar store and got random things like a candle, a mat for outside the door (it’s the Scottish flag!!) a bunny spoon rest for the stove, and Steph got a Tom Baker Doctor Who tshirt and bought me a jewelery tree for my birthday as an early birthday present.

We had a lovely roast chicken for dinner and relaxed.

2/10 Saturday:  Slept as late as possible (finally a good night’s sleep; something to do with using the rest of my old ativan script) and had breakfast.  Headed to library for internets and Steph went to exchange the DVD and get an antenna cable.   She met me at the library and we internetted and pondered reading until I realized it was getting late and I was getting hungry so we went back to the flat and had left overs.

I took a nap and Steph decorated her fangirl cave.  We put up my Doctor Who posters in the living room and watched tv and even were able to get online for a bit.  I did some tidying up and we watched QI XL.  We went to bed at about midnight but I couldn’t sleep and ended up cleaning the grout/lime buildup in the shower for about an hour.  LOL.

3/10 Sunday:  Slept ok, a little better than previous, and got up and had breakfast.  Our landlord needs to come by and measure the doorway to see if the couch she wants to get us will fit.  So we are just hanging out watching tv and doing some laundry and pondering the day.  Not sure what we are going to do, but eventually it will involve the internet I am sure.  🙂

I have a workshop/conference class all week from 9-3 so it is going to be a long week for me.  Monday I have class from 9-3 and then 3-5.  Tuesday 9-3:30, Wednesday 9-3:30 and 4-6, Thursday 9-3:30 and 5-7 and then Friday (my birthday) from 9-3:30.  I still don’t have a proper mobile and would really like to get one ASAP.  I am not sure when I am supposed to do this given I am so busy all week and everything closes so damned early.  *grumble*   I could switch to a different provider since they are closer to school but I would have to see if the price would be the same.  I also should check and see if there is an Orange closer to school than the one in Buchanan square.

We ended up going out at lunch time after we heard from our landlord whether or not she was coming by to take measurements.  She wasn’t so we went out to Buchanan Galleries/St. Enoch to go to Primark and look for hangers.  We first stopped at Starbucks to check our email and then headed on.  We found the hangers and I got slippers and Steph picked up a few other things.  We checked on mobile prices at a mobile company called 3, and they have a better deal than Orange or Vodaphone.  Decisions, decisions.

We then headed back as we were planning to have tea at a local cafe.  We had high tea with little sandwiches and scones with cream.

We popped into Tesco to pick up a few things and then headed home, checking out our neighborhood- since we had found there was a Tesco right down the street.  We also found there was a Superdrug and a branch of our bank within 2 blocks.

I have lots of reading to do tonight and then must get to bed early since I have class at 9.

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