Friday was my 35th birthday.  It was a very nice day.  I got up and watched David Tennant on the telly and then got ready to go have coffee and get a manicure (which is already bloody chipped!) When we left, we saw a florist van had pulled up so I asked if it was for me, and it was.  🙂  My sister and family had sent me flowers. 🙂

So we brought them in and then went for coffee and checked out the little charity shops by the uni.  We got lots of used books- Harry Potter, Doctor Who and the like and then went to a CD/DVD shop and got DVD’s so we have region 1 DVD’s on hand.


We had lunch at our local pub and then walked around a bit more and came back and had a rest and watched tv and just chilled.  It was a nice, quiet and relaxing day- which was all I wanted.   I was tired from the long week and whatnot so it was just what I wanted.  🙂


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and v-gifts and lovely tweets.



Since then, not much to say.  Just reading and relaxing.  We did finally get internet today so I should be able to update daily or at least every other day from now on.  🙂


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