Thursday 14/10/10

Today was a busy day.  I didn’t sleep well and was awake early.  I ended up dozing off for a while and got up at about 9:30ish.  I got up and got ready and went off to St. Enoch to run some errands.


I got home and Stephanie got home from class soon after.  We made lunch and then went to campus.  I needed to go to the used bookstore to get a resource book for my class.   Then I went to the regular campus bookstore to pickup a notebook and folders for my class.  After we went and registered for the campus fitness facility so we can start working out.


I had lecture after that back to back, so I went off to class.   My first class was far more interesting than the second, which was just presentations.  Mine will be due to present in 2 weeks so I need to get cracking.


I got home and had dinner and then watched L&O UK.


All in all a good day.  🙂



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