Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday-whatever I did was not much of note, as I cannot remember what it was.  LOL.

Saturday: I know I did nothing except to go to Boots, and then forgot to go again today to get my prescription.  Will have to go to tomorrow.


Stephanie and I went on a Glasgow Bus Tour.  It was FREEZING cold up on the roof deck of the bus but it was worth it.  It was interesting to hear about all of the history of the buildings and whatnot and see all of the sights.
After we went to Buchanan St/St. Enoch and walked around and then had tea at the Chippy Doon the Lane.  It was really good.  We had fish and chips.

I am really tired now and have a ton of reading to do.

Single Father in 2 hours!

As soon as the pictures upload I will add the link!



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