an adventure on Monday

(no previous Timelords were hurt in the making of this post)

Monday I went off to class in the afternoon and came back home afterwards.  It was a rather dull class on statistics and things I already knew….


Stephanie and I were sitting around when I read a tweet tat a certain hot former timelord was at BBC Scotland.  So we looked at each other, and booked it there as fast as we could.


Now I have a few rules about celebrity encounters.  I genereally feel awkward about seeing them in the world and do not want to interfere in their general life.  If they are out having dinner in the real world I may give them a smile, but I won’t interfere.  But if they are leaving a public place where they were doing a publicity thing and I happen to be there, well I may smile and say hi and perhaps even ask for an autograph.


So we stayed for a bit over an hour and it seemed like there was no one about.  However late last night a picture was posted that he was indeed there, but until rather late.  So we would have had to wait for 3+hours out in the cold.  But we tried and next time hopefully we will have better results.



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