A new month, a new header and a lot of randomness

I’ve been slacking here. Maybe b/c I haven’t received many comments. Maybe I’m lazy or busy. I wanted to have this as a reflection of my time here. Time I had hoped to spend differently than the past 6 years.

But I haven’t. I keep saying, well I have only been here a month, or I have to read, but to be honest, I haven’t *done* anything. And I came here to do, not just exist. Not just sit on my couch and tweet and read, and watch Top Gear. I could have done that in Boston.

So I need to get off the pot so to speak, and do. I need to decide what I am going to do on Friday. I have a choice to spend some me time and go to a girl day out thing at the SECC or to go to Edinburgh w/ Steph to go to a museum, since she needs to for class. I like museums. I do. Especially when they are free, and it would be cool. But I am not sure I want to do it Friday, since I really wanted to go to this.

I also need to decide, er we that is, when we are going to plan our first trip to London. It’s so close and I decided it would be a suitable reward for when I am done with at least 2/3 papers and whatnot. I am hoping before Thanksgiving, not that that is really applicable here. In fact I will have class on Thanksgiving. Weird. I wonder if they will let me have it off b/c I am American. LOL, I would gather that would be a very big no, considering I have 2 classes on Thursdays.

I need to get a haircut. I am going to try for tomorrow or Wednesday. I coloured it far to many times since the summer, and it’s a mess. It’s going to end up shorter 🙁 but I can’t do much about that right now. I just know it needs a trim, and a break from colouring.

Classes have been ok. I submitted my first paper today. I have another one due in 10 days. The draft was due today, but I didn’t submit one b/c I am really behind in it. No worries. I have 10 days. I have another paper due shortly after that, that is 2000 words. Better than 4k. So I have been doing a lot of reading and writing as of late, and I have been distracted by that and forgot a few things….my deepest apologies. I need to get these things down on a calendar. I don’t seem to remember birthdays like I used to, unless they are the big ones like my immediate family or if I have known you for 20 years or so.

I have a new header from our bus trip. Pretty fall leaves. I decided I needed a change from the old picture.

I didn’t go out or dress up for Halloween. I had good intentions, but the papers got in the way, and I only went out to grab food for the day yesterday. Today we went out to do a bigger shopping and then went out for a quick trip to Boots/Superdrug. Tomorrow I will try to get my hair cut and maybe run some other errands- LIKE GOING TO THE POST OFFICE LIKE I HAVE SAID I NEED TO DO FOR A MONTH. I keep forgetting to grab things when I leave the flat, especially when it is raining.

Anyways, I think I have rambled on far enough here for one night. It is almost 1 am and I am tired and my head hurts so I think it is bedtime.

ETA: I am going to the girly thing Friday


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