Why Stephen Fry should come back to Twitter

So I am sure anyone who is anyone has heard about the Stephen Fry debacle.  I have no idea if it is true or not.  I just assumed it was someone arsing up his comments as it has been done before.

Stephen Fry is a comedian.  Perhaps he was being tongue in cheek?  Facetious maybe?  I can’t imagine someone so intelligent and worldly as SF not thinking women can enjoy sex.

Even if he did mean it, he has the right to his thoughts and opinions, and people have the right to disagree.  What people shouldn’t have the right to do, is to be a dick and send him hate tweets and messages.  That is bullying, and as adults we should be above that, especially if we are trying to make a point to the youth of today who HAVE been bullied and hurt by words.

Stephen Fry needs to come back to Twitter to continue this dialog over free speech and rights, and views on sex.   He has the power to reach millions, and influence people’s thoughts on the subject in a positive manner whereas I do not.  It doesn’t mean I can’t try.

Stephen Fry, please come back to Twitter.  My Twitter feed isn’t the same without you.


If you agree or disagree, take it up in the comments.



  1. Jane
    02/11/2010 / 19:10

    I read the article because Stephen tweeted a link to it. He didn't tweet that it was a bad interview or that they misquoted him. He just gave the link. I replied that I was surprised that he was proud of those statements. I don't think that was an extreme or bullying response.

    The fact that women that women can and do enjoy sex is incontrovertible. That Stephen Fry does not realize there are many places where straights hook up shows his ignorance. His statement that the only reason women have sex is to get a man to commit to a relationship with them is extremely insulting.

    Everyone, myself definitely included, puts his or her foot firmly in mouth from time to time. Had SF continued as if nothing had happened or if he had apologized for hitting a nerve and set about to learn more about how women think, I would quickly forget the incident.

    However, his decision to delete his tweet promoting the interview and declare that he was misquoted is the type of behavior for which he would justifiably ridicule a politician. He does not get a free pass from me for his attempt to rewrite his history rather than owning up to his mistake.

  2. helygen
    02/11/2010 / 19:49

    Having not been present at the interview, I'm not as confident as others that this debacle is Stephen's mistake. If he states that he was misquoted, then I believe him: he is one of the most intelligent and empathic beings on the planet, imo.
    He is as entitled to his opinions – serious, tongue in cheek, or otherwise – as anyone else, and does not deserve to be bullied or harassed over such a thing, particularly if the true version of his words was not reported in the first place.

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