Fun Friday

Today was Girls Day out at the SECC and I had a ticket so off I went.  I found it was quite easy to get there.  I took the Partick train to SECC and was there in 3 minutes.  I got through the queue quickly and was given a four pound refund for some reason. Hey, works for me.  I picked up my goodie bag and vouchers for a free glass of champagne and a free cocktail.  The bag had a new eyeshadow palette, cupons for Boots and a mini travel bag from Max Factor with nail polish, eye products and lipstick.  It also had a full sized lippie from No. 7 as well.

I began my exploration and the first thing I came to I was interested in was the nail bar.  I got a manicure that is a gel based polish that dries instantly and lasts 2 weeks.  This is what I got a few weeks ago, only I got a dark plum colour instead of a French mani.  My nails are short right now b/c they all decided to break early this week after being long forever.

After that I went to the Boots area as they were doing mini makeovers for a donation for Macmillan cancer charity.  I had my eyes done up all smoky in their new winter party products.  Very nice.  The woman that did it was really nice and wanted to move to the US and I was like I want to stay here!  LOL.  I got a few products (I got the silver eyeshadow pencil, the metallic mini pencils, and the glitter mascara) and got this as a free gift.

After that I was kind of thirsty so I went and got in the champagne queue and had my glass as I walked around a bit more.  I filled out some cards for free things and was offered a delish shortbread.   I walked around some more and found that people were doing henna tattoos.  I had never had one before and it was 3 pounds, so I figured why not.  I got a star on my arm, and I will take a picture of it tomorrow.

The next vendor I checked out was a tooth whitening booth (there were like 6 there) and this one was a home kit and least expensive and invasive.  I figured for half off and you get a lot of product, why not.  I’ve wanted to have my teeth whitened since my braces came off.  Hopefully this will do the trick, but if not I am not out a lot of money.  After that I sat down and figured out where I was going to move on to, so I went and got my cocktail.  The queue for that was ridic.  I went and waited in a queue after that to have my hair straightened as a demo of the flatirons they use in a salon.  It came out nice….

I walked around a little more and decided that I was hungry and a bit buzzed and wanted to eat but the queues for food were long so I decided to go home and eat.

I stopped at the grocery on the way and got some salad and yogurt and came home and watched Top Gear and ate and decided to take a nap.

[info]kyrina got home about half 4 and we planned out our evening and headed to Partick to get the train to Glasgow Green for Fawkes day fireworks.  I grabbed a latte and we walked around and then watched the gorgeous display.  They were playing music from Mama Mia (?????) and what would have made it better would have been John Barrowman coming out and singing.  🙂

I have plenty to do this weekend for school, so that is what I will be focused on after this fun day!  (And after I use my Boots cupons!)


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