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Hello and welcome to my new weight loss/weight issue/food blog.

About me: I’m a 35 year old grad student studying in Glasgow.  I’m from the US, and am enjoying my time here.  I’m getting my second masters in educational studies, and will be doing my dissertation on the prevalence of bullying in schools.

I’ve worked in technology and education since obtaining my B.A in 1997 and I received my M.Ed in Elementary education in 2004.

Weighty issues:  I’ve always been overweight- from the time I was a child on (except for a short time in 2002 or s0).  I struggled with my weight all my life, especially growing up.  I let it rule my life.  I never tried anything new.  I never played sports or tried to get involved with activities because I was afraid I would be ridiculed for my weight (as I had been before).

In college I lost some and got down to about a size 11 (juniors) and thought I looked ok.  After I graduated in 1997, I gained a lot of weight and got up to about 225.

I finally looked in the mirror and saw how awful I looked and felt.  I started working out daily and working with a personal trainer and nuutritionist.  I went from 225 to 140.  I was active and happy and looked great.  But it didn’t last long.  The  moment I deviated from a strict eating (egg whites for breakfast, salad for lunch, pasta or a baked potato for dinner) and working out regimen I gained 20 lbs.  I steadily gained back the weight until I got back to 211 4 years ago.

I went on a medically supervised weight loss plan called OptiFast for 3 months.  The diet had me subsisting on shakes and bars- at 890 calories a day.  I was running 3 miles per day several times a week.  I lost about 11 pounds in 3 months.  That is usually what people on the plan were losing per week.  During that time I nearly collapsed several times due to low blood sugar and blood pressure (getting as low as 60/45).  After that happened while I was at work I stopped.  I had to.

Since then I have fluctuated from 184-200, and am currently at 204.   Since then I have been suffering from chronic daily headaches, where the pain sometimes causes me to be unable to get out of bed.  I’ve seen 4 neurologists, 3 primary care doctors, and countless ER docs.  I’ve had every test under the sun done, a spinal tap, CAT scan, and an MRI.   I’ve tried all sorts of medication, pain killers, and nerve blocks.

This has made it hard to lose weight, especially on days where the pain makes me want to vomit and hide under the duvet.  I did go through a period last summer, where I got back to the gym and was feeling better.  This summer, in order to try and alleviate the headaches and backpain, I underwent a breast reduction, going from 42DD to 38C.  It’s been helpful somewhat, but I have not worked out since, and my eating since moving to Scotland has been out of control.  I’ve been eating shortbread and scones and crumpets like they are going out of style.

I need to get back to working out and eating well (not restrictively) and healthy.  I want to get back to spinning and running like I used to be able to.


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  1. thegracefulskinny
    02/12/2010 / 20:02

    I know the feeling of struggling with lots of medical issues and trying to loose weight. I wish you lots of luck on your diet and hope to be hear through out your journey encouraging you along!

    You can do it! Don't give up!

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