Day 11

No weight today.  I had a bad night’s sleep and I wasn ‘t thinking when I woke up as a blizzard was raging outside.

Headache is not good and my chest is sore.  Either I pulled something when I slipped on the ice, my surgery site is swelling, or I have PMT.  Or all 3.


/end rant

Now it isn’t my place to tell a foreign city how to run themselves, but for the love of Rasillon, they need to do something soon before someone gets hurt.  Namely me. I shouldn’t be risking my life for some bloody crumpets.

I was walking down Byres Rd, minding my own business, drinking my latte and trying not to fall on the icy, slushy sidewalk when out of the blue a car jumps the curb and nearly runs down the pedestrians, myself included.

I love how pretty the snow looks and all the festiveness and whatnot, but I would like to be able to enjoy it without breaking my neck.

It would be nice now that I want to workout to be able to get to the gym.  I need to see if I have big, old books or a milk crate to use as a stepper so I can step and watch tv.  I need to get moving b/c if this ice doesn’t melt I’m never leaving the flat again.


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