Days 12 and 13

No weight change


I totally forgot to post last night.  I was watching tv and thinking about writing my paper.   Yesterday I did a bit of grocery shopping and went to the post office.  How exciting, right?

Today, I slept, napped, did a load of laundry, cleaned up a bit, and made some soup.  I took some notes for my paper as well.

I have to get up early to meet my gf at the airport.  I am so glad she will be back.  I’ve been so lonely here.  I miss her.

The ice here is still insane.  My last class was cancelled as the building is closed.  The gym is open limited hours, so even if I wanted to get there, it’s hard.

My food choices were ok today, since I had limited options.  I had crumpets for breaky and soup for lunch and dinner- since it is all I had.  I tried to make chocolate brownie no bake balls with my limited ingredients.  FAIL.  Oh well.  Best try again with the real ingredients.

I’m hoping that once Steph is back I will feel less lonely and go and do things and that this ice will melt and I can actually get out of the house without fearing for my life.


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