Good Saturday

I had a good Saturday.  My gf and I went out for her belated birthday lunch and some shopping.  We walked around our area of Partick and then Buchanan St buying Christmas gifts and whatnot.  It was a very nice day.  🙂  My legs are sore too- more of walking about in wellies than the amount of working I think.

In an effort to keep me accountable, I am going to try and track my food here every day.  Today is a bad first example.  I refuse to live a life that denies me birthday cake.  I know it is way more calories than I need, and I am working on it, eating more soup and drinking tons of water and trying to only buy lean chicken and veggies, and less carbs)

“homemade scone”

1/2 pita bread
basmati rice tapas
Saag Paneer tapas
Veggie pakora tapas
The tapas was brilliant and were small portion sizes, which was good.  🙂

London Fog tea

Cindy’s chicken (take some chicken breast and coat in egg, and then flour and smashed Special K, put in pan and pan fry until cooked)
smashed root veggies

Bailey’s cake om nom nom nom


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