As usual, not much has been going on, for me personally.  The semester is over, so I am just finishing up a paper, and then I have a little time off before the next one is due.

Stephanie had to go home to attend her mom’s funeral for a week, and came back last Friday.  It was a quiet week while she was gone, a week where I spent most of my time at home doing nothing as it was icy and snowy here, and the roads/sidewalks were not fit for walking about.  I did get a day of Christmas shopping in while she was gone however.

When she came back we went out for lunch for her birthday at Mother India cafe, and also attended a Reddit meetup in Glasgow.  We ran errands yesterday and today, and I have a paper to finish up that is due on Friday.

I finally was able to book a GP visit.  They explained it to me today when I went to pick up my prescriptions.  So I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.  I think tomorrow would be a good day to spend some time at the library in case I need some more sources.

Other than that I’ve been doing ok.  Feeling a little homesick at times. 🙁  I got a lovely reminder from my BFF Annette, that people back home are missing me too and are thinking of me and that made me feel better.  However, Stephanie losing her mom really affected me- I don’t know how I would handle losing my mom…. and I can’t even keep that line of thought up b/c it is upsetting me.

So!  How about some pics!

Both are from today.  The first is from 8ish this morning- very foggy, and the second is from at about 3pm on campus.


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