No, the title doesn’t mean I’ve returned to the gym quite yet.  But it is a concern I have right now. Whenever I go out, I get ridiculously sweaty.  It is winter here in Scotland, and it is cold- generally at or below freezing and I am dressed in my winter coat and hat and scarf and gloves.  And when I am outside I’m ok, but then get me into the subway area or a store even for a few minutes and I am drenched.  My hair at the nape of my neck, is sopping- like I just had a shower.  It is so gross.  I have never been sweaty like this unless I am working out.  I never had this issue in winter’s before and I grew up in Boston, so cold weather isn’t something new to me.

What’s wrong with me?

So- the gym.  The gym is a mile from my house.  Now while I wouldn’t mind normally to walk to the gym if it were nice out, this means it will take 20+ mins to walk there and back home.  Not to mention the time to workout, etc.  And maybe I am being lazy, but if I want to workout, I just want to go and then get back and not have it take all this extra time.  I’m used to driving…… and here that isn’t an option and the subway gets me no closer to where I am going.  Yes, I know I am being lazy.  But also when the sidewalks are icy and everything it takes longer to get there and I’m always afraid of falling.

It will also be the first time back at a gym since my surgery, and I guess I am scared, kind of.  Not sure how they will hold up…. and all.

But I suppose if I want to better myself it’s time to shit or get off the pot, eh?


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