Clearly I should be worrying about something that is 9 months in the future. But it is what I do.

So….. after this adventure, what comes next? Do I stay here and try to find a job? Do I go home? I can stay and work 2 years on my student visa. I can see if I can get into the PhD program- if my grades are good enough….. but IDK. The economy sucks all around. Will there be jobs? Teaching jobs? Will I be able to get one? IDK if I could get one back home- given that my graduation is in September and school will already have started. I don’t want to go home to live at home and have no job or money.

Unrealistic dream: A certain celeb wakes up and realizes he should be marrying me! And does! And I live happily ever after. 🙂

Dream: move to London and work there teaching or consulting in regards to bullying issues (or working enough to live LOL)

Realistic: Stay here and hopefully find some sort of work or stay in school.

DO NOT WANT: to go home and have to live with my parents with no money or job. And even if I had a job I’d have no way to get to it with no car and no money to buy one.  (not that I don’t love my family, it is just a full house there as it is)

Anyone have a crystal ball I can look into?  Anyone want to marry me so I can stay here, UK residents only!


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  1. Tex
    06/01/2011 / 21:27

    Hmmmmmmmmm Have you started researching/investigating jobs there yet? I say investigate options in Scotland and England and try it out. I mean Why NOT? You are still very young. Search out the agencies over there. I say Go for it

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