Keep on keeping on

The scale is finally moving in the right direction, despite not the best of eating.  I’m down to about 3 quid, so I’ve been eating what I have in the house, which isn’t much I am afraid.  Frozen pizza and whatnot.  And yesterday I went to my first panto, and despite having a good meal before I left I was starving halfway through, and ended up eating a bag of chocolates.  🙁  There were limited choices and I had to find something with no nuts.

I have been trying to replace one meal with a weight loss shake.  Granted this is not the most healthy way, but it is reasonable for me since it is on hand, it keeps me from being too hungry in the mornings, and I don’t find the taste awful.  Once we get a blender I can make my own w/ fruit and yougurt.

I really hope that I can do this, b/c if I do get to see DT in London this summer, I want to look my best.  I’m tired of hating what I see in the mirror.  I had Stephanie take “before” pics for me.  I was disgusted.  I can’t believe I let myself get so unhealthy.

I’m also worried about my shoulder and my foot.  I don’t want to have any setbacks as I have started walking more but my foot really hurts.  It appears it is the metatarsal bone on my right foot that is hurting.  I hope it isn’t anything serious.  If I could wear trainers every day I would, but with the icy/wet/snowy weather I need to wear wellies which don’t have great support.  Hopefully when I get my money I can set some sort of additional support for them.

Classes begin again tomorrow so I should be reading for that….



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