getting slightly better

It is getting slightly better, weight wise.   I’m down from the highest weight, and I hope it was all the PMT issues from last week.

Otherwise life is complicated.  My mom is in the hospital back home.  They are unsure as to what exactly the issue is, but it is 99.9% cancer.  So I have been rather stressed about all of this, obviously.

Not to mention the fact I have a ton of school work to deal with and that isn’t helping stress levels.  Part of me wants to jump on the first plane home, but until I have all the facts, it isn’t reasonable.  But the first sign of any issue I will.

So I am just keeping on keeping on.


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  1. thegracefulskinny
    19/01/2011 / 14:41

    Just always remember the God is in control and he has a plan for everything. That makes worry a little unnecessary.

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