medical update

Tomorrow it will be six months since my breast reduction.  Scary.  They have healed nicely- some scarring, but I was never worried about that.  They are bigger than I hoped, but I hope some of that can be taken care of with exercise.

I went to the physio open house re: my shoulder today.  I am on the wait list for an assessment and a final determination as to whether or not this is frozen shoulder.    I have all the criteria.  So I have to wait on that.

My foot still isn’t any better even with inserts and wearing trainers instead of fun boots.  *eyeroll*   I will give it another few days and then contact the GP and be like ok, this has gone on long enough.

Still waiting for neuro consult.  *eyeroll*

Weight so far this week is stable.  Yesterday sucked eating wise b/c I overslept and didn’t have time to make anything (not that I had food to make) and had fast-ish food and then by the time I got home from school I was starving and then we fell asleep and ended up getting Chinese takeout.  Mine is noodles and veggies and of course they didn’t listen to NO SAUCE AT ALL and did add it so I had to wash it all off as best as I can, take a ton of antihistamines and hoped for the best.

Right now all I want is a nap


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