It’s been a busy week, starting off with a Burns night supper, lectures and meetings with classmates, and appointments.  I got my big assignment back related to my dissertation and did very well!  I am very pleased.  Now I must finish my proposal and move on to contacting schools and whatnot to get started!

I did finally get an update on my mum.

Ok.  So.  She has undefined carcinoma.  They were unable to find the primary site of the cancer- so the liver seems to be the secondary.  It is very early, but cannot give a stage b/c they can’t find the primary site.  They believe that it was “female cancer” to begin but that it stopped growing and moved on to the liver.  All the other tests are fine and clean and etc.

Chemo will begin 1x/week starting next week.  After they see how that goes it will be 2x/week every 3 weeks.

She seems ok with this, and no one said that there should be any worry at this stage.  Of course it would be nice if they could find the primary site, but….. they are continuing to lool but everything continues to be normal.




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