A day in the life

(This is not a typical day for me.  Normally I do not see daylight until noon!)

2:30amish  Fall asleep finally

7am.  John Barrowman wakes me up singing about his adventures with the Doctor.  I tell him to sod off and hit snooze.

7:05am Repeat above only this time I tell him to go get shot by Daleks.

7:10am. Resigned sigh and get up.  Shower, etc.

7:25am Wake up Steph to put my necklace on.  I can’t manage the tiny clasp with my acrylics.

7:30am:  Dry hair

7:35am begin makeup- trying to give myself smoky eyes like in this tutorial. FAIL.

7:50am Give up.  Spray hair with Enell and grab rest of stuff I need.  Repack bag.

8am: out the door

8:15am COFFEE      

8:15-8:30 walk to lecture hall building.  I have no idea where I am going and am happy to have found it.  Some scenery.

8:30 get settled check email, begin this post.

Don’t I look frazzled?  This is the lecture hall.  Zzzzzzz.

9am: Lecture will begin.  I will update as the day continues.

9-11am WTF lecture.  I am still not quite sure what was going on.  Glad I didn’t have to stay for the second module.

11am-11:45 Library. I submitted 2 essays, printed next weeks reading and some other things.

12-1 lunch!  I’m starving!  I ran to Boots and then to Little Italy for some pizza.

1-3:  Last workshop lecture.  It was the most interesting.

3-3:20: Walked home.

3:30-7: Nap time!

7-midnight:  A little reading, dinner, and resting.  My head still hurt.

(Oops!  I totally forgot to finish this- not that anyone cares…..)



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